Creating a More Equitable & Enjoyable Future of Work

We imagine a world where everyone’s work is meaningful. Not just financially, but intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Where people have time to invest in their own growth, enjoy family and friends, play outdoors, and reflect on the beauty of their lives. 

The Challenge

We find ourselves at a critical turning point in the history of humanity and the planet. Rapid technological change, the looming threat of ecological disaster, a global pandemic, and growing income inequality, to name just a few of our collective challenges, are already upending life, business, and society as we know it. 

In this context, liberating human potential at scale is not just a nice thing to do, it is imperative.

Our challenge is to rapidly evolve an educational and economic system so that it provides a more equitable and capable civilization in the midst of a historic transition. In order to create real transformation, we must first ask questions about what those systems are meant to accomplish, who they serve, and what kind of civilization they perpetuate.

We Aim to Create 30 Million Good Jobs Across America Over the Next Decade

Small businesses exist everywhere, from major metropolitan areas to small rural towns. If the 30 million small businesses in this country created just one new high quality, good paying job, on average, we could rebuild the middle class.

We are tackling this ambitious goal by focusing on three key activities:

Inclusive Economies

We perform systems research to identify targeted leverage points for structural economic change, predict potential unintended consequences, & work with a coalition of partners to improve collective impact.


We work with creative partners to create media and immersive experiences that build support among business leaders for a more equitable & enjoyable workplace.

Small Business

We work directly with women and minority-owned small businesses to help them grow and reinvent the employer / employee relationship.

About Us

Our Vision

Work for Humanity began as a 2-day event held at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, FL in June 2018. We brought together 18 diverse experts to explore how we might use technology to help people do more valuable and meaningful work in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable world. The result was a comprehensive vision for the future of work.

Our Mission

To transform the experience of work so that workers, organizations, and communities thrive together.

Our Core Values

Equity: We help the world see the potential and value of all people, and fight for the fair recognition of that value.   

Partnership: Our role is to equip & inform others so that the mission can grow and adapt without us.  

Transformation: We seek real impact in people’s lives and livelihoods, not just good press. As much as possible, we seek triple bottom line solutions that spur sustainable growth and prosperity for individuals, organizations, and their communities.

Courage: We will model and teach leaning into courage, taking responsible risks in service of learning, and doing what’s right over what’s easy.

Our Team


Creating the future of work will require discussion, debate, experimentation, and collaboration among stakeholders. We are seeking allies and partners who want to join us in developing creative, collaborative solutions.

If you are interested in playing a role in Work for Humanity or would like to make us aware of your current efforts in this space as part of our systems approach, please contact me using the form below.